8 Fantastic Family-Friendly Beaches and Bays in Sydney


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Sometimes you only need a bit of sand and surf to heal your mind and body from the stress of the daily grind.

Now that beach season has arrived, let’s gather the family and hit the beaches. Leave the stress at home to enjoy the soft sand between your toes, and the clear blue waters under your feet. Allow the kids to splash in the water and play with one another while they absorb the sunshine of the day.

Beaches are great, and some beaches are so family-friendly, that the whole family will have a blast when they are there. In Sydney there are many beautiful beaches to choose from, so you might get a bit dizzy trying to work out which one is family-friendly and which one is not. The good news is that I have done the hard yakka for you and found eight amazing beaches which you can put on your bucket list for the next family beach day.

Please note, the beaches, listed below, are not patrolled. There are no lifeguards, but the waters at the beaches are calm and considered safe.

Congwong beach

Congwong beach

First in line is Congwong beach. Congwong beach is situated at 1532R Anzac Parade, La Perouse in the city of Randwick. It’s only 14km from Sydney CBD.

Congwong beach is an excellent beach for families. When you come to Congwong beach, you will be spoiled for choice. Congwong beach is ideally located within the Botany Bay National park which means that your family will have plenty of things to do. If you and your family want something extra to do, then you can explore the Bare island, which is nice and close to Congwong beach.

Congwong beach has clear, calm waters which are a great beach for swimming and snorkelling. For the people who are more adventurous, venture into the waters and catch a glimpse of the marine life that Congwong beach has to offer. Grab snorkel gears for your kids, and they can enjoy exploring the waters to find out what amazing marine creatures we have. You will likely see an abundance of Mado and silver sweep, white ear and black tipped bullseye, smooth toadfish and red morwong, red rock crab and feather sister corals, also squids in their natural habitat.

After your family is done exploring the marine ecosystem, you can do a bit of hiking and explore the national park. There are plenty of car parks nearby, or if you like to commute, then there are bus stops which are a stone throw away. Also, shops and toilets are just a walk away for your convenience.

On a hot sunny day, who wouldn’t like a nice treat to cool the temperature down so on weekends there is an ice-cream boat that shows up with treats for all ages. The boat also adds additional excitement to your kids.

Toilets are located at a decent distance from the beach, so please keep this in mind.

Little bay beach

Little bay beach

Little bay beach is another jewel hidden away in the city of Randwick. It’s located at 4R Coast Hospital Road, Little Bay.

This beach is a secluded beach which is very popular with families from the local area, so when it’s popular with the locals then you know it’s a place you must be at. Even if you are passing by or visiting family and friends in the Randwick area, don’t miss the opportunity to take your family here. It’s a beach with golden sands and is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and if you’re an angler, then this beach is perfect to throw a line or two.

For families, it is a great place to unwind and take in the beautiful ocean scenery. If lunch is around the corner, then you have the option to enjoy a family picnic at a Little Bay picnic area. After a full day’s lunch, you can burn those extra calories by going on the historic Monument Hill walking track.

If you are a bird watcher like myself, you will not be disappointed when you explore the nearby heathlands; they have an abundance of fantails and wrens, honeyeaters and hawks, falcons and ospreys. Little bay beach also provides a public toilet and change rooms which is very convenient after a swim and sunbathing on the sand.

Gunnamatta bay tidal baths

Gunnamatta bay tidal baths

Gunnamatta bay tidal baths are located in 39/41R Nicholson Parade, Cronulla.

The baths are open all year round, and the swimming areas are netted for the safety of families. The beach itself is situated on the Port Hacking river which means that the water is always calm and safe for kids to swim in. It has plenty of shades for families to enjoy a nice relaxing picnic while the kids play in the nearby playground.

Gunnamatta bay tidal baths have an open-air amphitheatre which when not in use; it makes the right place for the kids to run around and explore. Also, regarding commuting to Gunnamatta bay tidal baths, you can’t dispute the fact that it is a short walk from the Cronulla train station therefore easy and convenient. If you are looking for somewhere that your family can have a nice relaxing swim and has plenty of play space for the kids to exert their energy, then Gunnamatta bay tidal baths are the place to consider.

Dolls point beach

Dolls point beach

Dolls point beach is a beach that has a lot of options for the whole family. The preferred spot to get into Dolls point beach is at the corner of Carruthers Drive and Malua street, Dolls point. The options are endless at Dolls point beach, your family can have a nice refreshing dip in the calm waters during summer, or if dad likes to throw a line in then, he will be sure to catch something. At Dolls point beach he will have a variety of fishes that will bite his line, i.e. whiting and bream, tailor and flatheads also the occasional octopus.

On a nice day, Dolls point beach attracts a lot of kitesurfers so if anyone in the family who likes to kite surf or even would like to take up kite surfing, then Dolls point beach is the place to be. If kitesurfing is not your thing, then you can jump on your bike or put your walking shoes on and hit the walking track. The track will take you all the way to Cook park, Lady Robinsons beach and the beautiful walk towards Brighton -Le-Sands. When you return after the walk or bike ride, then your family can kick a ball in the playground at Peter Depena reserve, or relax on the nice grassy areas to watch your kids play on the playground. They even have a bike lockup area just near Cooks park.

Close by; there are many options to get food if your family is getting a bit peckish. Options like a cafe in Peter Depena Park and the Georges River Sailing Club has food available. If you are after toilets, then you can definitely find one at Peter Depena reserve. Dolls point beach will sure to entertain everyone in the family, so why not try Dolls point beach for your next family day trip.

Carss point baths

Carss point baths

This summer head to Carss point baths for a family friendly get together. Carss point baths is located at 34 Bunyala St, Carss Park.

Its shallow waters are popular with families that have young children, and they have netted enclosure for the safety of the family. To make the most out of your stay at Carss point baths, pack some BBQ food, to enjoy a meal after the swim using the BBQ provided. After the meal, you can take a nice stroll along Carss parkland. The parkland around Carss point baths is great for your little ones to run and explore.

There are toilets with a big changing area and a stand-up shower outside for when you are done swimming in the bath. If you get to Carss point bath by car, then there are plenty of street parking available. Carss Point Baths is a wonderful and quiet place to unwind with your family. Go on try Carss point baths when you want to try something different for the family.

Frenchman’s bay

Frenchman’s bay

In the city of Randwick, many beaches will captivate any person that comes across them and Frenchman’s bay is no different. The bay is situated on 36-50R Endeavour Avenue, La Perouse. Frenchman’s bay overlooks Botany Bay and Botany Bay National park. This feature alone will make you want to come down with your family to witness the beauty first hand.

Frenchman’s bay has had a great reputation for being a family-friendly beach because nearby in the adjacent reserve the kids can play in the playground. Shops, restaurants and public toilets are all nearby. The bay is a well-protected area, so your family will enjoy the natural flora and faunas that are on display within arm’s reach.

Wattamolla beach

Wattamolla beach

Place Wattamolla beach on your itinerary this summer; your family will love this beach. Wattamolla beach is located in Wattamolla cove on the eastern side of the National park between Garie Beach and Marley Beach. You can access the beach from Audley via Sir Bertram Stephens Drive and Wattamolla Road, or from Waterfall train station via McKell Avenue onto Sir Bertram Stephens Drive.

This beach has all the facilities that a beach has to offer like a BBQ area and public toilet, nearby picnic ground with adjoining playground and parking provided but the special feature of this park is the natural ecosystem that surrounds the beach.

Wattamolla beach is unique in that; it’s not like any other beach. Wattamolla beach is a lagoon that meets with the ocean. This natural phenomenon is what makes up Wattamolla beach. It provides an interesting day of adventure for you and your family, with its exquisite display of floras and faunas for everyone to admire. If that weren’t enough, you would then be mesmerised by the beautiful waterfall that cascades down. Better yet, head to the Royal National parks viewing platforms and be blown away by the magnificent sight of this waterfall. Go ahead and gather your family and take a walk to the lookout.

The lagoon of Wattamolla beach is an ideal beach for children to swim in due to its calm waters, your kids will spend hours playing in the waters of the lagoon. You will definitely not run out of ideas or activities to do at Wattamolla beach because not only can your family swim in the water but it’s also a favourite spot to fish and snorkel, canoeing and kayaking. When the waves are high and produce a close shore break, then you will be sure the surfers will be here.

If you are driving to Wattamolla beach, then there is an $11 entry fee for parking your car anywhere within the Royal National Park. You are required to pay at the Visitors centre at Audley Dance Hall.

Toilets are located up in the grass area, so you need a bit of a walk from the beach if you need to use them.

Bundeena beach

Bundeena beach

Bundeena is a picturesque town on the edge of the Royal National Park and is well-known for its beautiful surrounding beaches. Hordens little bay has to be one of the popular beaches for families. To get to Hordens little bay, you can enter through Brighton street, Hordens lane and Liverpool street, situated right next to the Ferry Wharf. If you’re travelling by car, there is parking available. This beach is great for families to enjoy a swim while taking in the picturesque views that Hordens beach has to offer.

There are public toilets available near the ferry ramp at the eastern end close to Brighton street. When there are swells, this beach is popular with anglers and surfers. Your furry friend can also enjoy this beach because Sutherland Shire Council allows dogs but check in with the council to see, during which time your furry friends can be on or off the lease, or you can check the nearby signage for the times.

Go on… Have fun with your family this summer and take a dive into one of these fantastic beaches and bays!


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